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Basic Features (39)

(Messages are sent on SMS & Email in the price of SMS)
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So now you can send messages on the go at any time. Like school & colleges required to send emergency holiday message at early morning
TextToBusiness Three way communication SMS, Email & APP
TextToBusiness Save date using excel upload or using admin dashboard
TextToBusiness Add/Edit or update data as easy as excel
TextToBusiness Generate excel reports on single click
TextToBusiness Generate graphical reports & analise growth
TextToBusiness Fast cloud data searching & filtering in seconds
TextToBusiness Auto birthday messages (No internet required)
TextToBusiness Auto anniversary messages (No internet required)
TextToBusiness Store unlimited records
TextToBusiness SSL secure login like google
TextToBusiness Send message on group data
TextToBusiness Send message on filter data
TextToBusiness Send message on new contacts
TextToBusiness Send message on todo users
TextToBusiness View message history with delivery Report
TextToBusiness Operate the software in any Indian or foreign languages
TextToBusiness Send message in any language without knowing the typing skills
TextToBusiness Attach files to messages
TextToBusiness Attach short link to messages
TextToBusiness Attach mobile advertisement to messages
TextToBusiness Auto group creation on data upload
TextToBusiness Free senderid for DND SMS delivery
TextToBusiness Fully responsive to use on laptop, tablet & mobiles
TextToBusiness Generate & print address labels for saved data
TextToBusiness Visitor management with auto welcome messages
TextToBusiness Buy message credits online
TextToBusiness Auto revisit reminders to clients
TextToBusiness Auto send wishes on festivals & events
TextToBusiness No manual workload
TextToBusiness No continuous internet required
TextToBusiness No need to remember important dates
TextToBusiness Create your own schedule with data filters
TextToBusiness Message templates are auto approved (So no approval required)
TextToBusiness Create dynamic message templates with 80% message content ready
TextToBusiness Help on mouse over at each section
TextToBusiness Predefined message for festivals, holidays & schools (Homework, Attendance, Fee, Results, Achievements etc.)
TextToBusiness Easily create your own database
Auto greeting emails & sms to parents
TextToBusiness Design professional email formats with your own logo, color, email reply to & signature etc.
TextToBusiness Set minimum balance alert and default delivery mode for messages.

Advance Features (10) + 39 Basic Features

TextToBusiness Multiuser secure login with different access privileges for each user
TextToBusiness Create your own dynamic forms
TextToBusiness Design & create PDF reports
TextToBusiness Feedback tablets
TextToBusiness Auto reminders for fee & service renewals
TextToBusiness Design PDF invoices and auto send before invoice dates
TextToBusiness Save Customer data using external forms, existing website, feedback sms/email short link
TextToBusiness Calendar based event/task manager
TextToBusiness Design external data view with searching, sorting & paging etc.
TextToBusiness Todo user for business lead generation (Specially used for insurance & service industry)

Special Features for School/Colleges (20) + 39 Basic + 10 Advance Features

(Messages are sent on SMS, Email & APP in the price of SMS)
TextToBusiness School dynamic mobile app
TextToBusiness Mobile app for teachers
TextToBusiness Parents login section at school website
TextToBusiness Online admission/registration forms
TextToBusiness Online fee payment
TextToBusiness School alumni management
TextToBusiness Dynamic photo gallery for App, dashboard and school website
TextToBusiness Student strength graphs
TextToBusiness School result graphs
TextToBusiness School year planner with calendar view on App, parent dashboard and school website
TextToBusiness Online SLC generation
TextToBusiness Daily student birthday image slider on school website
TextToBusiness Live GPS bus tracking on App & dashboard
TextToBusiness Send daily absent messages
TextToBusiness Send daily homework message using dynamic templates
TextToBusiness Online teacher recruitment at school website
TextToBusiness Easy parents feedback and feedback analyses
TextToBusiness Dynamic news & update section for school website
TextToBusiness Receive any important documents like student adharCard copy etc. via SMS/Email link any time during the session
TextToBusiness Attach exam date-sheets, school brochure or any other file to the message text


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